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I was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire in 1977 and currently live in London where I have a studio at Redlees in Isleworth, West London.

I studied Art with Art History at Scarborough in North Yorkshire which was part of York University under the expert eye of Clive Head and Art History with Michael Paraskos. I progressed to Northumbria University where I undertook a PGCE in Secondary Art Education and onto a Masters Degree in Education, largely with an art slant, at Newcastle University.

I gained a scholarship whilst at university and studied at Cyprus College of Art under the tutelage of Stass Paraskos the Principle and founder of the college.

My education in Art has been one of discovery and I have been lucky to explore the pathways.


I have exhibited both nationally and internationally including Cyprus, Nepal and Uganda. I recently exhibited at Patan Museum in Kathmandu, Nepal and I will take part in the 2020 April exhibition at Nepal Arts Council.


I had been doing art workshops in schools for 5 years when I had the opportunity to take part in an International project led by David Odwar a skilled ceramicist and sculptor (2003). I took photographs of what was then a war zone and came back to England to fundraise for an art centre for the rehabilitation of people once the war was over. In 2005 we had raised almost £20.000 and Through Art Keep Smiling TAKS art centre was established. I have continued to visit and support the centre alongside sponsoring children for school, college and university fees.


My prime interest as an artist is how to capture light. I began exhibiting paintings in 1998 as an Op Artist and created paintings looking at the reverberation of the picture-plane.

The interest which fuels my work once again is how light hits the landscape and the dramatic impact which it plays. I was working with a monochromatic palette of Payne’s grey and white and applying paint on both large and small scale with a palette knife with acrylic or oil paint. My visits to Nepal and experiencing the breath-taking views of the Himalayas have been similar to a spiritual encounter. Upon my return to England I looked for this within our own landscapes. I wanted to capture the moment and the high impact which I had experienced.

Recently I have reverted to brush work and vibrant colours which echo back to my abstract landscapes of the noughties. I am painting once again with oil paint capturing the freshness and intensity of colour.

I record my experiences by working in a sketch book capturing imagery from observation.  I create small scale studies sometimes on the spot and develop these into larger scale work. I take photographs to support my work but my memory of the experience is what I wish to convey.

I visit most exhibitions in London and travel to different countries to record my experiences within my sketchbooks. I gain inspiration from viewing artwork and looking at imagery and techniques which the artists have employed. I exhibit annually and take part in art fairs and art events to gain exposure.

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